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+ About the Try Tennis Free Promotion

TryTennis FreeThis May, the Tennis Industry Association, in conjunction with the USTA, PTR, USPTA will be launching a "Try Tennis Free" promotion to get more players on your courts and into the game. Industry research shows that 65% of players who begin tennis in introductory programming continue with the sport! .

How can you and your facility participate?
Participating in the Try Tennis Free promotion is easy. Click the "Sign Up Get Listed" button above and complete the form. Simply host new or returning players who reach out to you via the Try Tennis Free promotion. The programming and timing is at your discretion.

How do consumers find out I'm participating? will be the central hub of information for the Try Tennis Free Promotion. That's why when you sign up for Try Tennis for Free, we'll also list you in the sites "Find-a-Pro" search so consumers looking for lessons near them can quickly and easily find you.

+ Here's how you can also participate in

  • PlayTennis.comRegister and create your searchable profile
  • You'll be asked to decide how much information to provide, such as:
    • Profile information about you and your certifications
    • Facility information
    • Program information
  • Also, you'll be asked to select other options including:
    • Allowing consumers to comment about you and your programs
    • Allowing consumers to rate you and your programs
  • You will be responsible for updating your contact info this site.
  • If you decide to opt out of the program, you will be able to deactivate your profile.